Thursday, 5 May 2011

Refining your Working Wardrobe - Belts, Handbags & More

For women strapped for time by the neverending work day, trying to stay abreast of fashion trends is probably the first thing on your mind to do but that last thing you plan to ever check off the growing to-do list.  It’s a nice desire but realistically… who has the time to decide whether or not animal print or some kind of opaque tight would complement the professional wardrobe you have?

Women don’t push enough to try and add flavor and color to their traditional work pieces (suits, sheath dresses, etc.). but women can in fact easily accent their work outfits with a lot of  bold color and accessories that won’t take away from their look.  Truth be told - women don’t run out of clothing or accessories, they just run out of ways to put them together which leads to boredom.  Boredom leads to drab style and rushed morning which perpetuates the ugly cycle.  Try these tips to quickly spice up your work-wear without killing your daily schedule.


Belts are one of the most inexpensive ways to add a lot of flair to your wardrobe.  Amazingly, women don’t get creative with belts despite the creative opportunity.  These can be placed over suit coats even when there are no belt loops, or over a trench coat to replace the simple belt that came with the coat when they bought it.  You can do belts even without a small waistline - just try styles until you find something that fits (slim, metallic, patent leather, etc)


Leather can be a little on the tricky side for some women.  If you wear too much of it then you wind up looking like the better half of the Marlboro man.  If you do opt for leather, especially as part of a business outfit, match it to pieces that soften it.  For example, wear a soft sweater set with a leather skirt.  Just skip the motorcycle jacket.


It doesn’t matter what season you’re in, a pair of matching opaque tights (either matching or starkly contrasting) can turn a very simple business suit into something very chic and stylish.  While black tights are indeed sexy, they’re also done (and done again).  Try sharp colors like a plum, teal or pumpkin to add vibrancy to a neutral skirt.


A handbag can do a lot to your business attire; especially if you’re feeling rushed and just don’t have a lot of time for putting a number of accessories together.  Handbags have a lot variety so you can certainly find something to accent your suit, just keep the basics in minds; color, size and design should come together to compliment not only your work outfit but also your body and type and the setting.  If a designer handbag is too high for your budget, consider used designer handbags at a fraction of the price.

Putting it All Together

You don’t need to attack your attire from every angle, carrying every accessory.  While fashion can sometimes be used to make a bold statement or idea it’s also about being subtle and supporting your look.  Accessories should do just that - support you.  While they’re made to attract the eyes, you don’t want them to be so magnetic that they dominate you.

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