Monday, 2 May 2011

How to Choose a Designer Used Handbag for the Right Season

Unless you live in a location where the weather is a perfect sunny seventy degrees around the clock, year round – no designer used handbag is going to look perfect all the time.  The weather and the seasons change as often as our styles (sometimes more frequently) and have an equal impact on the accessories we carry in order to make an impact.  The designer handbag, while not resting dead center on your body, is like the bulls eye of a target when it comes to fashion so it’s important to not only match the handbag to your style but also to the season.

Designer used handbags can be broken down into a number of variables that you’ll need to consider when you’re choosing your purse – whether from the closet or from a display:

Stun the Eyes with Color

The Lighter and Brighter colors will always suit warmer seasons.  If you’re in a climate where the warm weather lasts longer then you can get more play out of a certain handbag.  The darker and richer colors suit cooler seasons.  Not color seasons either, this is referring to the seasons of the year.  Those rich dark colors will create a magnetic draw against the dreary washed out backdrops of the winter seasons.

Toting the Weight

You might think the weight of a bag has little to do with the actual selection from a fashion perspective, but the weight (related often to the size) works both for convenience and elegance.  Lighter weight bags both look and feel better in summer months while heavier, heftier bags do very well to accent bulky clothing in autumn or winter.

Fabrication and Style

It pays to suit the style and fabric of a designer used handbag to the overall style you’re wearing.  For example, a straw handbag would go well in the summer months with the straw hat you’re wearing on the boardwalk.  Would it suit the felt hat you’re wearing in the cold winter months?  Not likely.  Cooler months are fitting for leather as well as fur fabrics or felt.  Keep in mind also that if it looks like it has the potential to protect you from the rain it would likely do well as a cooler climate bag.

Even still, consider the other factors of the handbag – even a cooler climate style can fit another season if other factors come together properly.

Finding Patterns that Attract

It’s not uncommon to see floral patterns (or something similar) in the warmer months.  Typically anything nature based fits the warm seasons well.  Neutral tones/patterns also work well for warmer months.  For cooler seasons you’ll see an increase in geometric patterns or simple textures.

Are there styles that function year round?  Certainly.  Designer used handbags are made to withstand the season – and more than just the fashion season or the current trend.  A bag that does well year round may be medium value in color with a fair weight that is easy to manage – allowing you to wearing both casually and formally.  It’s always better to have more than one handbag so that you can find the most appropriate handbag for the occasion.  If you try to wear the same bag at all times there’s a chance it may wind up letting you down.

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