Monday, 28 January 2013

Designer Fashion Hot Trends - J Brand Skinnies

 The hottest trend in casual designer fashion of 2011 has to be the J Brand skinny bright - they are flying off the shelves so quickly all over the world that there is a shortage and it is waiting list only in some stores. We're not talking the latest IT bag here, but very comfortable and flattering jeans. The difference this year is that J Brand are producing their stunning skinnies in a rainbow of gorgeous colors.

J Brand was launched in 2005 the brain child of experienced denim manufacturer, Jeff Rudest, and celebrity stylist, Susie Crip pen. They came up with a winning recipe that has been the top choice of many celebrities ever since - their mandate has always been a concentration of perfect fit and comfort, with great attention to details such as stitching and clean finishes. The jeans have always been kept simple with no excessive hardware or decorations and the secret of their success is that they look great with a stunning silhouette.

The first American premium jean brand to embrace the skinny leg, J brand is making huge waves this year with their innovative colorful skinnies. The whole fashion world is going crazy for them, seeing how hard it is to get hold of a pair these days! The gorgeous rainbow of colors available includes fuchsia, bright red, bright orange, bright purple, bright royal, bright turquoise, bright yellow and pretty pink.

Jeff Rudest says that he was inspired to create this colorful array by the Jill Sander catwalk collections and sees his mission as interpreting fashion through a jean. He's certainly hit on the cutting edge trend once again, after the huge success of his J Brand Houilihan cargo rousers last year.

The great thing about these particular skinnies is that they are so well cut that they work well with curvier figures as well as stick thin models. The important thing is to mix these genes into your wardrobe, pairing them with the right clothes and accessories that make curvy figures look fab in skinnies too, as long as you're daring enough.

If your local designer jeans store has sold out check out some of the online designer fashion stores where pre-orders can be taken and dispatched to you as soon as they are in stock again. You may end up getting them quicker this way than waiting for your local store to receive their deliveries.

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