Thursday, 14 April 2011

Buying Replica Handbags vs Buying Used Designer Handbags

Replica Designr Used Handbags  

When you want to make a statement about style and personality, you accessorize and compliment your garb with all the right extras.  Women have been doing it for centuries and it’s a practice that will continue.   

Unfortunately, staying abreast with current style trends to make the right kind of statement can get a bit pricey - especially when those trends rotate as often as the seasons.  Truth be told it’s often the seasons that force fashion trends to shift and that’s just as true for designer used handbags as it is for coats and jeans.

In an effort to save a bit of green, many fashionphiles opt to stay away from the high-priced designer handbags (some costing more than $4,000) and look for cheaper alternatives.  While the top of the line designer handbags are certainly worth the investment, it gets cumbersome paying that amount several times a year - or even every year.  There are two favorite alternatives to this among women:  replica designer handbags and used designer handbags.

Replica Designer Handbags

The replica handbag is often the most popular choice for women specifically because of the price tag.  These handbags feature leading designs to keep up with trends as well as popular designs from the past to replicate the vintage look.  This is all done in a final package that’s a fraction of the price.  Some replica purses are extremely difficult to spot save for the trained eye, featuring similar stitching and design.

Where they fall short is quality.  It’s indeed true that you get what you pay for and with a replica designer handbag you may very well have a piece that plays the part but can’t carry you the same way it carries itself.  These replica handbags are built for appearance, not durability, and you can’t expect them to last a great deal of time - especially if you use the handbag or purse on a regular basis.  Are they worth the investment?  If you have a tight budget, you can save thousands buying cheap replica handbags but you’ll be replacing them just as often.

Used Designer Handbags

This is the only way to get an actual branded designer handbag without paying the full retail price of a major designer like Prada or Jimmy Choo.  Where boutiques charge thousands for these handbags when they’re new, you can often find gently used designer handbags for under $1k with a select number of online dealers.

The concept of a used handbag might not be appealing, but consider the source of the purse.  Many women will by these handbags and use them (sometimes very little) during the season or trending period.  As a new design is release, they sell their barely-used purse to upgrade to another.  While the purse might be “used”, it’s actually seen very little real use.

For a fashionpile looking to save the most money, a replica is likely the best option on a really tight budget.  Just don’t let anyone look to closely.  If you’re dead set on carrying around real designer used handbags and you don’t mind sporting a design 2 seasons old, then you can save a lot by picking up a used designer handbag to add to your collection.

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