Thursday, 21 April 2011

Choosing the Right Designer Used Handbag for your Body Style

When most women are shopping for a designer used handbag, there’s a good chance they’re not giving it the same kind of scrutiny they give a pair of jeans.  Jeans are critical after all because they highlight the good as well as the bad.  If a designer handbag is cute and it seems to fit your lifestyle then it’s good to go, right?

Unfortunately many woman don’t realize that a handbag is designed to fit your shape and your body just as much as a pair of jeans.  Not only will the right handbag design polish your style to a fine shine but it can also visually knock the pounds off your body and make you appear slimmer.

Focusing on Shapes

When it comes to the shape of the handbag you should go for something that’s a contrast to your current body type.  If you’re someone with a tall, lean figure then you would typically lean more toward a slouchy and well-rounded hobo bag.  For a woman with a short and voluptuous body a longer more rectangular or sleek, small clutch can work wonders on the appearance to compliment the figure

When thinking in terms of shapes, a good way to look at it is that the more round the figure of a woman the more she should focus on a structured bag.  Of course you don’t need to carry around a hard-edged box to counterbalance your womanly shape - you can hit your mark with a nice soft leather that is complimented by rectangular or square silhouettes.

There a lot of popular shapes when it comes to designer handbags - more than just the simple clutches and Hobo bags you see on the circuit.  Popular shapes include open top bags with long straps, tall shoudlerbags with wider openings, flat-top shoulderbags with buckle closures, small and boxy hard bags (cigar box style), and even a small soft pouch that can be easily carried.

Looking at Handbag Scale

While the shape of the handbag should often contrast your figure, the size of the handbag is actually the opposite.  What compliments your figure the most is a bag that’s in proportion to your size and figure.  Think in terms of scale;  a woman that is 5’11” and a size 14 would look out place carrying a small shoulder pouch.  Along the same train of thought, a petite woman wearing a size 1 would look overwhelmed trying to lug around a massive shoulderbag.

Finding the Right Handbag

There are a lot of different style designer handbags to choose from, especially if you don’t just hop on the popular trend and decide to find something else to fit you.  You can simplify the process of choosing from the selection by taking the time try on designer handbags in a store just like you would a pair of jeans.  Use a mirror and see how it looks in comparison to your size and shape.  If you’re buying used designer handbags online, you can still use this method in a retail store to know what you like before buying the cheaper product from an online dealer.

Lastly, avoid being tempted by the trends and what’s popular, especially if they don’t completely suit your figure.  There are a lot of alternatives to the hot trends that are similar in style.  Make sure the handbag you choose fits your lifestyle (because you don’t want to try stuffing diapers into a vintage bag) and you’ll quickly find the designer used handbags that are right for you.

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