Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Buying Fake Handbags - Where Your Money Really Goes

Pile of Fake Designer Used Handbags
If you’re a fan of saving money then there’s a good chance you’ve probably spent a bit to save on movies, games and even fashion items like designer handbags.  It might shock you to know however that when you buy replicas or fakes of these items you could be putting ammunition into the weapons that are fueling terrorist organizations.

Interpol has warned consumers around the world that militants in warring countries - particularly in the Middle East - are having been turning to counterfeit production of various goods (especially expensive items like designer used handbags) in an effort to finance their operations.  The process isn’t limited to the Middle East however as counterfeit production rings have been found from Chechnya to Northern Ireland.

The amount of money earned from counterfeit products like used designer handbags, sunglasses, clothing, DVD’s, games and more comes in at more than $450USD billion.  While not all of that money fuels terrorist organizations, rest assured that a good chunk of it does. 

For many organizations, regardless of their intentions, peddling illegal or fake goods like counterfeit designer used handbags can be as lucrative (if not more so) than dealing in drug smuggling and drug production.  As the economy continues to ride its rollercoaster ups and downs, the interest of militants in fake products will continue to grow - mainly based on the fact that consumers are looking for ways to get the products they want at a fraction of the cost.

One of the main issues with combating this problem that plagues not only the fashion industry but other industries such as electronics is the relatively light penalties that many counterfeiters face depending on the country.

Even France is noted to have a strict law against counterfeiting yet in comparison it’s relatively weak:  150,000 euro fine vs a 10 year prison term and a 7.5 million euro fine for drug smuggling.  Considering that some groups earn a half a million USD each month in counterfeiting (or more), those fines barely make a dent.

The main issue that fuels this industry, again, are consumers that are out to save as much money as possible on the products they want.  What consumers need to realize is that they can still get the products they love, from actual name brands, at a fraction of the cost.  Buying used products is one of the best ways to support the real brands while keeping those funds out of the hands of terrorists and other militant organizations.

If you’re interested in high-fashion designer items but you can’t afford to spend $4,000 on a new Prada handbag then don’t but it new - turn to the web and find a trusted dealer whom works only with authenticated gently-used designer handbags. 

By purchasing designer used handbags, be it from a preowned boutique or from a trusted seller through sites like eBay, consumers can get their hands on all the products they need without breaking the bank.  Of course even when buying used products you need to be carefully to ensure that the products are still authentic.  Take time to research the supplier or seller and made an educated decision.  In the end you’ll be supporting authentic retail commerce while keeping those funds out of the hands of the wrong people.

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