Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Designer Used Handbags - How Trends Develop & Influence Choice

Fashion is a business where the mission is to jump ahead in order to remain current:  It’s a do or die kind of world where the losers are quickly dropped in favor of the most popular designs - whoever the brand may be.  But how do trends happen?  What makes a trend suddenly “become”?

Trends are considered to be a clever balance of art, commerce and the spirit of a generation.  That spirit can be anything from the moving choice based on the economy to a specific pop star or celebrity preference.  Trends are sparked by new releases in movies, exhibits, technology, pop culture but they’re also greatly influenced by what designers think women might love in their next handbag.

According to Tommy Hilfiger “A trend happens as the result of a natural reaction to the customer's direction. But even though you may see a common trend, I think every designer has a different take on it.”

Most designers believe that in order to produce a really great handbag - one that will be widely accepted and devoured by women upon its reveal - requires that you travel through the world with open eyes and ears so that you are aware of everything around you.  If you properly filter the information in relation to your target audience you’ll left with the essence of what was once loved, what is loved now and what will be loved as the next big trend.

An example of following influence to predict trends is in the explosion of interest in the Japanese anime circuit.  The unique style of graphics and color proved to designers that they could be irreverent with the colors they chose in their designs - even in clothing.  And it worked

From movies to the economy, there are ways to leverage current perceptions and interests.  For example, the angst and the concern of the economy bred interest in turquoise for its soft, restful and protective ambiance seen in many cultures.  To match it in the season, blues became widely popular with the release of the movie Avatar.

Whether you’re talking about designer handbags or clothing, fashion is everywhere - it’s in the sky, it’s in the landscape.  It’s more about ideas than designs because fashion breaks down to how women (And men) live every day.  That’s why designs may go “out of style” but they’re never really gone.

Because fashion is an idea more than anything else, it resonates with people to create living trends that go into hibernation only to return again.  It’s also why used handbags remain popular.  While a trend may go to sleep, the concept and the idea behind a handbag design can live on for several seasons.  Many women jump at the opportunity to cling to a trend or idea and purchase used designer handbags;  it gives them an opportunity to pick up designer used handbags for a fraction of the cost and to embrace the edge of a trend that could potentially make a quick return.

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