Thursday, 28 April 2011

Designer Used Handbags – What Size Handbag Should I Carry?

Looking at modern trends in designer used handbags (and new handbags entering the scene) it’s easy to see that large bags and big hobo bags are extremely popular with many women.  This trend has brought many women to a point where they want to purchase one but struggle with the idea of having that much “functional” space on their arm.  Some want to keep with current trends but don’t understand the need for the space – and many would wind up with a bag that’s more than 75% empty if they made the switch.

So are large designer used handbags the right choice to make for you?  The trends say yes, but there are other things you need to consider.  First and foremost, it should be said that there is a benefit to having more than one handbag, and that includes having bags of various sizes.

When you’re considering a new handbag or buying one of many designer used handbags, think about your body scale.  To get a good idea of your scale, measure around your wrist in inches

Small scale: 5.5” or under

Medium scale: 5.5 to 6.5”

Larger scale: More than 6.5”

This is a bit of a general guide because you have to factor in such things as height and weight when it comes to selecting the right types of handbags.  For example a very slim person might look smaller on the scale despite being very tall.  So how does size factor in?

It’s really quite simple:

If you want to reduce the size at which people perceive you and you want to appear smaller then you would opt for carrying a larger handbag.  If you want to increase your size and your profile then you carry a smaller handbag.  Outside of that reasoning you can adjust the size and scale of the handbag based on your own overall scale as well as other factors.

Choosing the Right Designer Used Handbag Based on Purpose

You may not be able to fill out a large handbag but there are times when it can be both convenient and fitting.  Perhaps you’re not the type of woman to carry around a quaint clutch but again – there are numerous occasions where it’s the perfect choice. 

Small Designer Handbags:  These are perfect for special occasions or for evening outings.  They’re also perfect for the small scale woman.  If you regularly limit your necessities a small bag can work for most occasions

Medium Handbags: These tend to be fairly popular because they provide ample room for fair number of women.  The style and design of medium bags lends them to a number of occasions and they fit either the medium frame woman or the small scale woman who wants to appear smaller.

Large Handbags: These handbags offer a great deal of function for many women simply because of the storage capacity.  For many women with a medium build the large handbag provides a big reduction effect.  It suits large scale women very well though popularity has it finding its way into the hands of small scale women as well.  Typically, large handbags are all about making a woman look more petite.

Mixing in Personality when Choosing Designer Used Handbags

When it comes to fashion, style and accessories you always need to consider personality.  More often than not a woman’s’ personality will trump any ‘rule’ in the “Fashion 101” guidebook.  If a petite woman wants and loves a big hobo bag then no matter her scale or the current trend she’s going to carry that hobo bag.  With handbags it’s important to remember that no matter the size you should choose a handbag that compliments your personality as much as your outfit and style.  You’re the one that has to wear it, so choosing designer used handbags that fit you in all aspects – not just in the size.

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