Monday, 11 April 2011

3 Steps to Choosing the Right Designer Used Handbags for Formal or Casual Wear

Think about the women you bump into on a daily basis while running errands, shopping, meeting your groups or working out at the gym. Have you noticed that a great number of women tend to carry the same handbag everywhere they go – regardless of what they’re doing or what they’re wearing? Believe it or not, some of these women have numerous handbags – some designer used handbags – yet they still default to a one-size-fits-all attitude that winds up doing them a great disservice when it comes down to fashion and style.

Now take a long look at yourself and think about how you wore your handbag for the last month. Were you guilt of the same error? It’s time to think about your own handbag and whether you need more than one or if you simply need to upgrade from a classic purse to designer used handbags that fit your style (while protecting your budget).

Matching your Designer Used Handbags for Formal & Casual

Different outfits and different events require a different kind of handbag. You simply cannot wear the same designer used handbags with every single outfit and on every occasion. You need variety. Some women shy away from this because they don’t feel confident trying to accessorize their handbags – others aren’t even sure where to start.

Above all else, relate the color. The color of your handbag against the rest of your clothing and accessories does not need to be an exact match but it should somehow relate to your outfit. For example – it’s not a good idea to throw on a little floral sundress for some spring shopping only to draw a massive black bag behind you as you go.

Likewise, it’s not chic to don a pair of classy jeans and then tote around a briefcase style handbag or a graphic bag. A formal suit or an evening dress would need something beyond a sparkly clutch or hobo bag – certainly more refined than the bag you would run your errands with on a daily basis.

You can put together a great combination depending on clothing and occasion by considering these three simple steps:
Consider the formality of the occasion and your clothing; satin is a great choice for formal but it’s not a fabric worn for shopping in jeans or a trip to central park for some sun.

1) Keep the colors in mind; make sure you choose colors that will not clash so you’re provide comfort for the eyes. Your handbag should accent color, not create its own attraction (or sideshow).

2) Always keep size in mind; your typical day bag tends to be a lot roomier than a handbag you would use in the evening.

On a final note – unless you have a fairly conservative personality you should generally avoid trying to match designer used handbags to your shoes unless they’re either black or brown.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re trying to put your outfit together or you’re shopping for a new designer used handbags. If you’re on a tight budget and you’re in a pinch, designer used handbags can help you put together the perfect outfit without overspending just to get the designer label that best accents your style.

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