Saturday, 30 April 2011

How to Care for Your Designer Handbag to Make it Last

If you think the economy is killing interest in things like designer handbags and other high-priced fashion goods, think again.  Consumer confidence is starting to rise a bit and more women are buying high-end handbags as that economic uncertainty wanes.

Of course, it’s always the confidence of other people that grows while you sit and wait for the opportunity to come knocking.  Just because others are purchasing new designer handbags doesn’t mean everyone is - and you’re certainly not going to do it every season.  You should still shop in a conservative manner and try to make that handbag last if you want to stretch your buck.

Getting More for That Buck

If you tend to be kind of hard on your personal belongings - especially your handbags - then it might make sense to just make the investment in one of the higher priced designer handbags.  Do you need to buy them brand new and drop $4k on a new purse?  Not if you measure longevity in decades instead of years.  You can always go for a gently used designer handbag that still has plenty of life in it for a fraction of the cost.

If you do buy a new handbag though, most of the designers will repair your bag for free within a certain amount of time.  Other boutiques offer specialty repair services to help keep your older designer handbag in shape with stitches finally start to lose strength or leather wears down.  If you want to make sure your handbag lasts without the need for a repair visit or investment then you have to know how to take care of what you’re carrying.

Caring for your Handbag

If you want your handbag to last then you need to treat it well - common sense.  Take time on a regular basis, at least once a week, to empty your bag completely.  Shake it out upside down to get everything out and clean out the lining with a lint roller.

Cleaning the outside of your handbag is just as important but you should only do so with a special cleansing solution.  You shouldn’t try to use soap or harsh cleaners on a handbag made from leather, suede or even cloth.  Before cleaning, check with the designer to find out if there are recommended cleaning products to help care for the handbag.  If you have bad marks or a heavy stain, you may simply need to visit a cleaner.

Loading your Handbag

Believe it or not there’s a proper way to load a purse.  It’s not a trunk where things can be loaded “so they fit”.  If you overstuff your handbag you wind up putting a great deal of stress on the straps.  By keeping your contents light and the bag clutter free, you can protect both the lining (from sharp objects like keys and pens) as well as the zipper (from lint and other specks from getting into it).

Handling your Handbag

You should view every surface as being potentially hazardous to the life of your handbag.  Avoid putting your purse or handbag on the floor - especially in a restaurant or a bathroom.  If there’s a clean surface to rest your purse, use it.  Otherwise use a stall hook or chair back to protect your purse.  You can even buy a purse hook for less than $20 to hang your purse from a table.  This is where it pays to keep your designer used handbags light to avoid stressing the handles.

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